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Please contact me by phone or e-mail for a free initial consultation.

  • Standard consultation fee rate: $60 first hour.
  • Canadian GHS SDS Authoring based on formulation provided by customer: $350-375 for combo ( includes English, French SDS and bilingual Label).  Conversion into MS Word available for $15 extra per document.
  • Existing MSDS conversion into GHS:  price is $285 English only.  $335 for combo.
  • US GHS SDS Authoring: $400 per product, includes English SDS plus Label. 
  • Classification of consumer products for Canada, preparing labels and warnings according to CCCR2001. Filling up Checklist.  : $450 per product;  Label instructions: $180 per product.
  • Working part time, applies for 3 months or more and at least one full day per week: $50/hr.


Deformulation (reverse engineering)
Chemical Engineering
Product Formulation
Regulatory Compliance

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By phone: 416-887-9347
By e-mail:
By mail: Zhvanetskiy Igor, 51 Oakmount Crescent,
Vaughan, ON, L4K 2C2, Canada

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