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  • Since June 2015 I am preparing GHS SDS complying with WHMIS2015 regulations for many manufacturers and distributors in Canada.
  • I reverse engineered many janitorial, automotive detailing and consumer products.
  • I formulated over 30 cleaning product to be Ecologo UL compliant and was able to prove it to UL auditor.
  • Since July 2017 I working part time for distributor of cleaning chemicals as formulator and turning his business into in-house manufacturer.  Preparing WHMIS2015 GHS SDS.
  • Many importers from Canada, US, Holland, China, Korea, Japan and Pakistan requested my services to prepare consumer labels and SDS for their products.
  • Canadian importer and distributor of reed diffusers located in the GTA requested my service in December 2012. Health Canada issued a warning telling that children are ingesting the contents of reed diffusers packaging and labelling information for reed diffusers and some types of oil that they use are harmful for ingestion. They vere going to audit all reed diffuser distributors in Canada and my customer was given eight weeks notice to prepare for an audit. I classified 35 products according to Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations and with exception of two, concluded that they are not Toxic or Harmful and could be legally sold in Canada after adding information to the labels. I also attended the audit helping my customer who was given three months notice to add information to the labels and was able to continue selling reed diffusers in Canada.
  • Importer of specialty chemicals requested my help in complying with Canadian import regulations.
  • Since May 2015 I am working part-time as Senior Chemist for Qwatro/Royalpak specializing in formulation of cleaning products compliant with UL Ecologo certification.
  • Since 2007 I am working part-time as M(SDS) writer and Regulatory Compliance Specialist for a Canadian importer and supplier of raw materials with warehouses in Toronto, Montreal, Vancuver and US.  Reviewing supplier M(SDS) and creating in-house using TECIS software.
  • Between 2010 and 2013 I was working part time as formulator of odor control sprays, fluids, foams, gels and granules for the GTA based company providing this type of services for industrial, transportational, institutional businesses and residential buildings.
  • 2008-2012 I worked part time for a small manufacturing company located north of GTA as R&D Chemist formulating intumescent and fireproof plastic used for making special construction items complying with UL regulations.
  • A US manufacturer of retail and professional floor carpet adhesives and tile mortars has been using my service since 2003 in preparing Canadian MSDS, WHMIS and consumer CCCR labels.
  • A Canadian manufacturer of professional and consumer automotive products used my help in 2001-8 as formulator of coatings, cleaners, epoxy and contact adhesives, paint strippers. I was also preparing for him MSDS and labels.  Between October 2015 and December 2016 I was working part time for same manufacturer on preparing GHS SDS and formulating structural adhesive for metal bonding.
  • Canadian manufacturer of residential and commercial building coatings uses my service since 2006 in preparing Canadian, US MSDS, WHMIS and OSHA, CCCR consumer labels.
  • Canadian entrepreneur in Central Ontario asked me to search literature and validate the processing of Furfural from corn cob. Same enterpreneur asked me to look for raw materials that could be used for waterproofing of coal powder granules and locate their suppliers.
  • Enterpreneur from India was using my help to find starting formulations for metal corrosion prevention.
  • Small company producing janitorial and automotive cleaners was using my help between 2001-2006 as formulator and MSDS writer.



Deformulation (reverse engineering)
Chemical Engineering
Product Formulation
Regulatory Compliance

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