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Deformulation (reverse engineering) of a wide range of industrial and consumer products through analyzing data in specs and M(SDS). Some testing might be done with an affiliated anaytical lab. This data then can be used for reconstruction of silmilar product.

Chemical Engineering: Through better use of raw materials, your production cost can be lowered while improving product quality or/and making it more environmentaly friendly.

Product Formulation: Allows entrepreneurs and manufacturers to make the jump from ideas to finished products.

Regulatory Compliance: Through my expertise, I provide you with regulatory services to ensure that your Safety Data Sheets, Formulations and Labels comply with federal and global chemical regulations like GHS.

Helping companies with UL Ecologo Certification of cleaning products for reduced environmental impact:   Reformulation of products to comply with UL requirements, submitting information to auditor and following up.


Deformulation (reverse engineering)
Chemical Engineering
Product Formulation
Regulatory Compliance

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